Friday, February 9, 2018

Doggy products, beds, shampoos leashes etc

After much thinking and streamlining, Happydogz will no longer be stocking leashes, harnesses, beds, shampoos and will be disposing of them at 20% - 40% off the price listed. Those who have dogs, do drop in.
Venue: 9-3 Jalan Sri Hartamas 7, sri hartamas KL Malaysia
Time: 11-3pm only
Date: 25 February 2018

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Essential oils

My apologies for not writing earlier. It has been a while since I last blogged. I've discovered the joys of essential oils. It works like a charm for myself and for my dogs and clients dogs. My first time I used pan away on my client's dog who has hip dysplaysia. He was in pain. Pan away helped him relax and ease the pain when I did canine Myofunctional therapy on him. Now when he smells the oil, it helps him to relax. Now applying oils on animals can be a tricky thing. The animals sense of smell are pretty good and they are very sensitive to smells. So for the initial introduction, apply the oils on yourself, then let them sniff you. It is a slow and steady process. For more information on how to introduce oils and what oils are good for them, I have these books that gives you a very basic information. It's only rm10. If you need to get the oils, please email me on Remember use only the best essential oils for your pets and not the cheap ones you get in stores.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Animal communication workshop

As I sit in Adelaide airport waiting for my next flight out to melbourne. I am organizing my notes for my animal communication workshop that I shall be holding later this year. This will be in two levels so far. Second level I will teach how to heal using different healing methods. 

I have been asked what is animal communication. As an animal communicator, I believe that each animal on earth has a soul. An animal communicator connects to the soul of the animals and talks to them. We are not vets and cannot diagnosed the physical problem of the animal, that we leave it to the vet to diagnosed. The animal can tell you what is hurting in them, they can tell you what is bothering them, why they are unhappy, and I also talk to animals that have gone over the rainbow bridge. 

I have experience as an animal communicator, locating lost pets, finding out behavioural issues, etc. I am constantly asked whether I can change the animals bad habits. This is my reply, I respect the animal and they respect me. To change, they need to agree to it. Otherwise I cannot promise they will change

As an animal communicator, all that is told and discussed is confidential between the owner and the animal and myself. 

So if you do want to sign up for the animal communication workshop, check into my website or email

If you want to sign up for my newsletter, email me your address and I shall add you in. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hip dysplasia

I've written one or two blogs about hip dysplasia in dogs. It is an affliction that is passed on in the genes. Sometimes it skips a generation and you would think your dog does not have the disease. You are right, they don't. But they are carriers of the gene and if you mate them their puppies may have hip dysplasia. It is not a curable disease. It can only be slowed down so the dog does not have to suffer the degenerating problem. 
This is our rottweiler. We adopted him at 6 months. From that age I could already tell that he had bad hips. Being a Myofunctional therapist i know what I had to do to ensure his hips do not degenerate further. So he gets his therapy when I see him limping. Sometimes it would be his front leg that he is limping from. He loves his therapy sessions. Today he is 3 years old. He walks very well, you can't even tell he has hip problem. He knows when he needs therapy and would come to me. Even my other dog who would on occasion pull her leg will come search for me to help her. The animals know when a session is beneficial to them,

So for those reading this blog, if you need a canine Myofunctional therapist for your canines, call me in 012 2096851 or you can email me in

Friday, May 16, 2014

Essential oils for your pets

This has been my latest project and will be sold to the general public. These scrubs I created has essential oils from Young Living. These ones are for humans. I shall be creating a series of shampoos, itch relief sprays, for the canines soon. These are only for canines. Cats are more sensitive so there will be another series for them. So watch this space.

Shooting for the recent rottie "Brianna"

Last night, a man took out his bow and arrow and shot twice at a rottweiler. One arrow went through her leg and the other on her body. A man heroically stopped this man from shooting for the third time at the dog. By the way, the dog was collared and was probably lost. All she wanted to do was to find her home. She thought that the gate was her home and was trying to get in but alas it wasn't and that was the consequence. An innocent dog seeking shelter suffered the consequence. What is the world coming to? The man in defence said that he was protecting his home and family from this dog. This man is of Islam faith and dogs in their eyes are haram. How is it possible that shooting a dog with an arrow considered legal? Where is the compassion. This man has been pictured in his prayer attire. In the eyes of God all living creature are God's creatures. It is unfortunate that this dog named brianna by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better succumbed to sever tick fever at the vets. 

This incident has caused an uproar amongst animal lovers. In this day and age, have we become so desensitized to other's needs? Even animals? Have we lost our compassion to animals? In this case, does he feel that he was threaten or that he just felt the dog was 'haram' and was encroaching his space and thus decided to shoot it. I don't know the real truth to this but this does not warrant a man carrying an armed weapon on the streets. That is deemed illegal. The worse of it is, he won't be charged for shooting Brianna. 

As an animal lover, an animal communicator and a canine therapist, I know that an animals will only attack if they feel threatened. This particular animal named Brianna was hoping to find her home. I doubt that she was a threat. She just chose the wrong house. Would you feel safe if this person walks around with a lethal weapon in his hands on the streets? What would stop him from carrying out his action again on another innocent dog? 

I am sad that this happen. I can condemn the man who carried out the action but I would rather send him love and compassion so that he sees what he has done. Words of hate only carry hate and cause a ripple effect of anger and creates more hate. Why not choose to help him find a higher understanding so he would realize that what he did was wrong and turn to a new leaf. It is harder to find compassion within ourselves than to harness anger. 

Brianna is now in a better place. Free to run and roam with her new friends. Free of pain and prejudice and judgements. RIP BRIANNA.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


For the past year and a half I have had a place in bangsar for treating canine myofunctional therapy. I have decided to move out from the rental to a new premise. The new address is : 5 Lorong Bukit Pantai 7, Jalan Bukit Pantai, Kuala Lumpur. For those who want to make an appointment with me to see your dogs, be it hip dysplasia of even healthy dogs i can be contacted on 016-3940968 I can be reached on we chat and what's app.